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Pets And Roommates Keeping The Peace

December 12 2023

Did you know that over 31 percent of U.S. households are roommate situations? That’s about 79 million Americans living with roommates, and most are content with the situation. It’s probably safe to say that many of those households include pets, which is of course where we come in. A local Hiawassee, Georgia vet offers some insight on this below.

Follow The Rules

Landlords can vary quite widely on pet policies. Some don’t want pets at all, some only allow pets of specific types, some go by weight or noise, and some will just tack on additional fees. Look lease agreements over carefully. Don’t try sneaking your pet in … that can just lead to a slew of issues, up to and including fines and evictions.

Meet And Greet

You may think that your dog or cat is the cutest, sweetest, most lovable pet ever, but don’t assume that your roommates will share that opinion. If you’re considering whether to room with someone, do a meet and greet with your pet. Hopefully, they’ll be smitten with one another and all will go well. However, if your potential roommate is scared of your dog or thinks your cat is a jerk, it may be best to keep looking. 

Don’t forget to let your pet weigh in. You don’t necessarily need for Fido and Fluffy to be completely enamored, but if they’re uncharacteristically reserved, they could be on to something.


This is a big one. Dogs and cats have many skills, but choosing safe treats and playthings definitely aren’t among them. It’s important to be able to agree on reasonable safety protocols. For instance, you may ask that roommates avoid bringing home non-toxic plants, and to keep personal items and anything unsafe out of paws’ reach.


Fluffy and Fido are not shy about making themselves at home on our beds, sofas, and couches. This may be cute, but it may not go over well with a roommate. It’s best to have everyone keep their doors shut.


If your roommate and pets become buddies, your roomie may not mind filling Fido and Fluffy’s bowls or taking the pup for a walk when you’re running late. However, this is the kind of favor that can sour friendships, especially when that occasional favor becomes routine. Talk that over as well, and make sure you’re on the same page.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Hiawassee, Georgia animal clinic, anytime! 

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