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Creating A Catio

December 12 2023

Do you keep your cat indoors? If so, that’s great! We always recommend keeping cats inside. Fluffy may enjoy exploring, but the risks of letting her go outside definitely outweigh the benefits. Kitties that are allowed to wander are in danger from many potential dangers, such as cars, weather, traffic, parasites, and other animals. However, if you want to give your furry pal a taste of the Great Outdoors while still keeping her safe and sound, read on! A local Towns County, Georgia, veterinarian offers some tips on creating a perfect indoor/outdoor space for your feline buddy below.

Choosing The Spot

First and foremost, you’ll need to choose the right area. An enclosed porch or patio is a great choice. (Keep in mind that you don’t have to give up that room, or even change it much: just incorporate some features to make it more cat-friendly.) If you have a yard, you can go even further and make a kitty enclosure. However, a sunny corner will also work.


You can’t have a proper catio without plants! Kitties love sniffing (and sometimes nibbling on) leaves. (Fluffy also likes to peek out from behind plants, and pretend she’s a fierce lion.) Plants also add a cozy feel to your place and help improve your air quality. Just take care to only include safe plants. A few good options are Rubber trees, Spider plants, Boston ferns, African Violets, and Money trees. You can even offer your cute pet some fresh catnip or cat grass to nibble on. You can find more information on the ASPCA website here


While it’s best to keep Fluffy away from those birds, squirrels, and chipmunks, she can still enjoy watching them. If you can, choose a spot with a good view of a yard or trees. Kitties love sunbathing and spying on local wildlife. For extra purrs, put a birdfeeder up in your kitty’s line of sight.


You’ll also want to add a few pieces of cat furniture. Cat towers are the gold standard, as they suit several purposes. A good kitty tower will provide Fluffy with a napping spot, vantage point, and scratching post. You can also incorporate beds, kitty condos, or even cat shelves. On a tight budget? You don’t have to spend much money: there are also lots of great DIY options. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about your pet’s health or care. As your Towns County, Georgia, animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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